Kitten Training With A Clicker

Kitten Training With A Clicker,kittens in your life, funny cat
Clicker training is a reinforcement or reward for a kitten when training them, Clickers are use most often for support when training a kitten for a reward, kittens associate the clicker with a good behavior they will use for a long time.

 Clicker training is associated with classical condition

How To Keep Your Cat Or Kitten Amused For Hours

How To Keep Your Cat Or Kitten Amused For Hours, kittens food, cats food, kittens tips, kittens in your life
Cats and kittens love to play. Kittens especially love to play and sharing your life with them is so much more rewarding if you play with your cat. It’s really great fun even if you do pick up the occasional scratch and it’s important for your cat’s fitness and well being too.

How do you keep your cat entertained? After all a cat is not the same as a dog, you

Are My kittens Fighting Or Playing? How to Tell

Are My kittens Fighting Or Playing? How to Tell, cats fighting,kittens in,cats food
When you watch your kittens interacting, pretend you're watching a nature show about lions or tigers or leopards (and if you've never seen a tv show like that, look into it!). Sometimes the play/fights among the babies of the pride can get pretty rough. Now, I've never seen an animal parents break up a fight

Making Space For Your New kitten: How To Cat Proof The House

Congratulations on adopting your new cat! As you are preparing to bring your cat home, here are a few items to remember to create a safe and fun environment.
Cat proofing your home is similar to child proofing your home with a few additions. Did you know that almost all house plants are poisonous to cats? Tulips and tomato plants (green fruit,