Cat name: Which name for my cat?

Cat name: Which name for my cat?, cat name, kittens in your life, cat care

Find a cat name! Wise or funny or cute proud ... The choice of name for your cat is very important and marks the beginning of your relationship. But beware, this name must be sustainable because if you change it, you may completely confuse your pet ...

To help you in your search, here are some criteria to know and some inspirations.


What names cat's retain them? In general, they memorize better short names. Better to avoid names over two syllables. To facilitate this task, you can also double sounds with names like Lulu or Sissi.

Feline ear perceives better notes. Take the opportunity to choose a name ending in a vowel such as "a", "i", "u" ... Your cat will thus find it easier to recognize his name and therefore understand that you call or when you talk about him!

But do not forget a name is for life. So take the time to find one that will match well with his character, his look, his attitude, physical specificity ... because you will never forget!


If your cat is registered with LOOF (Official Book of Origins Félines), it probably has a family name. Called "affix", it means the first name of your cattery birth companion. For you and for all félinophiles, this is the way to easily find the origin and ancestry of your cat.

Of course, the cats that have a pedigree can also have a name chosen by their master. It will simply be added before or after the name. Instead of "affix", we then speak of "prefix" or "suffix". For example, if a cat meow and to affix name Enzo, its full name is Enzo Meow (Meow prefix) or Enzo Meow (Meow suffix).


H 2012, I 2013, J 2014 ... Every year, the first letter is imposed on the choice of the names of registered cats LOOF.

But nothing prevents you, even if your cat does not have a pedigree, you press this system assigns a letter to the year of birth to find the name of your companion.

To be sure you have the correct letter, please ask LOOF because the alphabet may be shifted in some francophone countries. Also, note that the letters K, Q, W, Y and Z are not used ... because there would not be enough different names!

If you do buy a cat in 2013, here are some ideas of names in I most original ... From the most classic, there is something for all tastes and all profiles:

• INDIGO ... to remind her blue eyes

• INDIANA ... a fearless cat

• IRIS ... for a precious pussy

• ISHBEL for more mysterious ...

• IVORY ... a tribute to his immaculate coat

The names of the most famous cats: Stars of a film or a novel many cats have made their names famous. Here are a few: Felix the Cat, Hello Kitty, Garfield, Thomas O Malley, Duchess, Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse - The Aristocats in Lucifer - in Cinderella, Dinah - Alice in Wonderland, Jones - Alien in or Boots still - in Shrek.


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  2. This might consist of a amusing and adorable name or a name that you understand none of your buddies has for their animal.

  3. We were adopted by a kitten that wandered into our yard last August looking for food and love. His name is Angus McCool and is as awesome as his name. :)

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