You and your new kitten

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* A kitten cannot leave his mother before he was 10 weeks.

* Before you adopt a kitten at home, make sure it has had its vaccines. It's expensive, take plenty of money as it is essential for the health of your kitty!

* The vaccine must be given to cats between 6 and 12 weeks and renewed a year later.

* Your kitten should have his own basket to sleep and bedding.

* Keep your kitten home with you for at least 6 days to get used to his new environment.

* Cats are terrible gluttons who eat until they get sick of, so do not gave your kitten.

* Gives always a bowl of fresh water for your cat's meals, and exchange the water very often to avoid germs.

* Kittens 10 weeks eat 4 small meals a day, milk, cereals and bread.

* At 6 months, the cats eat 3 meals a day, and an adult only 2 meals per day.

* All cats can have fleas, so it is often necessary to inspect your cat's fur, and he put flea powder if necessary.

* It is best to wash your cat's teeth once a month with a soft cloth and salt water.

* Give your cat a bath is only in exceptional cases because they are horror avoids disinfectants, using a mild soap.

* It is a good idea to put a collar on the neck of your cat with its name and address, but it must be very elastic.

* A bell attached to the collar will prevent your kitty to catch the birds!

* File your cat's claws every 2 or 3 weeks if necessary. It should also have its own plate to its claws, avoiding untoward disasters furniture.

* Cats are very sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements. Cats that live among young children often become very fearful and very stressed because children often cry loudly .....

* If your cat has the habit of going out and you want to make an indoor cat only: now cut its outputs to the outside, does not allow him to leave at all, instead of cutting bit little outings. Accustom your cat faster, then live within. Let your cat looking out of the windows, he will love watching the birds fly! Bought him a small tree to climb and / or put a little catnip on toys.


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