Educate your kitten : how say no to him ?

Educate the kitten : how say no to him ?,Educate the kitten,kitten in, cat care, kitten tips, cat tips, kittens, cats, cat advice kitten advice

 This is a large and important topic. We've all heard the advice around us must raise his voice, he must show his stupidity, he will remember even if it was yesterday, we must make a popping noise, it is necessary to spray the water etc.

Stop, stop there with the rumors that usually make us do anything!

How best to support growth of my kitten?

How best to support growth of my kitten?, kittens in your life, cat care

That's it, your kitten has arrived! or He was born at home, collected or purchased, it symbolizes the beginning of a great adventure that will last for many years ... It is now or never to take the right actions and good habits for your little ball of fur flourish quickly and safely in its new home. Some tips for a good start ...

Cat name: Which name for my cat?

Cat name: Which name for my cat?, cat name, kittens in your life, cat care

Find a cat name! Wise or funny or cute proud ... The choice of name for your cat is very important and marks the beginning of your relationship. But beware, this name must be sustainable because if you change it, you may completely confuse your pet ...

To help you in your search, here are some criteria to know and some inspirations.

You and your new kitten

You and your new kitten, new kitten, kittens in your life, cute cat

* A kitten cannot leave his mother before he was 10 weeks.

* Before you adopt a kitten at home, make sure it has had its vaccines. It's expensive, take plenty of money as it is essential for the health of your kitty!