Making Space For Your New kitten: How To Cat Proof The House

Congratulations on adopting your new cat! As you are preparing to bring your cat home, here are a few items to remember to create a safe and fun environment.
Cat proofing your home is similar to child proofing your home with a few additions. Did you know that almost all house plants are poisonous to cats? Tulips and tomato plants (green fruit,
stems and leaves) can be hazardous to their health. Make sure you are aware of the boundaries and pay attention to your cat as they are meandering across the mantle. Not only do you not want them to tip the vase, you don't want them to eat the contents!
Cats are notorious for jumping on kitchen countertops. Make sure all of your left-overs are properly disposed of or put away in sealed containers. Chicken bones are brittle and can easily lodge in your cat's tiny throat. As you are cleaning up the kitchen, make sure your trash can is secured in a sealed closet or with a lid. The trash holds enormous interest for cats and dogs alike so take steps to secure it. Also, make sure all cleaning supplies are put away in a closet. Bleach, detergent, cleaning solutions are very toxic to cats.
Move room to room to evaluate any previously unnoticed choking hazards. Everyone has extra buttons that are cut from that new suit and tossed aside on the dresser, closet floor or beside stand. Pick up any small objects, for example, dental floss, yarn, thread, beads, needles, rubber bands, buttons, nails, and ribbons.
Did you know that Pepto and Tylenol are toxic for cats and are two of the most notorious culprits that send fluffy to the vet? Keep all medicines, over the counter and prescription, tucked away in the medicine cabinet.
Ladies, keep your make up put away. Not only are eye pencil sharpeners small and dangerous but some ingredients in your makeup may be toxic for your cat and very expensive for you to replace at the make up counter!
Gentlemen, keep the seat down. It is now a safety hazard, not only to the woman in your life, but also to your new kitten. If they fall into the bowl, they will not be able to get out.
Don't forget the garage! This is a veritable playground for a cat with plenty to explore. Especially that bottle of very sweet tasting fluid that humans call antifreeze. Oil, gasoline, pesticides, painting supplies are all hazards to your cat.
As you are coming in from the garage, remember to make sure the cat is in the house. Felines are wanderers and will want to go about exploring what you are doing and where you are going. They are stealth-like in their expeditions so make sure you are aware of where they are! When you are closing closets and doors to rooms, double check that fluffy is out in the open and not hiding behind the clothes hamper. Be mindful of appliances like dryers, washers, microwaves and ovens. Cats can explore these appliances if the doors are left open so double check when you use them.
Did you remember the candy dish? Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine that is toxic to animals. Less than one ounce per pound of bodyweight can have catastrophic affects on cats. Cover the candy dish.
Most of the potential hazards can be avoided with appropriate precautions. Make space for your new house mate with toys of their own. Giving them their own toys will divert them from yours. A little investment in their health, safety and entertainment can reduce any danger and provide a fun environment.
Jessica Lorber helps pet owners make their pets a part of their family. You can find more of her tips for cat health care and her personal recommendations for pet supplies at


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